Post Apocalypse- Cheliax

Our greatest weakness

Upon waking, Gryndul looked into the status of his other friends at the Mage College. He soon discovered that his good friend Pherey and 2 other individuals were missing (A young female mage and a female inquisitor). Asking Crow for help, Jagger and Riptide went with Gryndul to investigate. Upon further looking a mysterious Hellknight gave a kidnapping note to Riptide telling them to meet on a boat in a nearby cove.

Using stealth and cunning this three met the kidnappers and decimated their forces. But sadly Pherey did not survive the encounter and was killed before they could save her. The kidnappers confessed to working for the Blood Prince. The future is unkown. What looming shadow falls upon these warriors and the ones they love. Can they protect everyone or are they doomed to failure?


Using the information gleamed from the cult, The group was able to help the Khan defeat his traitorous son and maintain control of the lands. As reward he granted freedom to the group and Mara.

Upon their return to Westcrown Crow informed them that they need to track down a man named Jasper to complete the mission and free the Shadowbrands. They traveled east to the Cliffs of Fury. There they encountered a band of brigands known as Squad #7 of the Whisper Blades. After a short battle and an interruption of undead into the encounter the two groups reached a peace. Korja, their half-orc leader, agreed to follow the group into a nearby portal to Abaddon to find Jasper.

In Abaddon they fought many daemons and wraiths, freeing several captives along the way until they rescued Jasper. Jasper had suffered much torture and was now missing his eyes and a finger. Using a rare gem he had discovered they were able to free Gryndul from stasis.

A fitting prison

After an evening in the pleasure houses of the Khan, the group made it back to their room to discuss what they were going to do about their current predicament. While in discussion, they noticed that they were not alone in the room. A young girl from the pleasure house had snuck into their room and begged that they help her escape from the palace and return home to Westcrown.

The young girl calls herself Mara and claims to have known the Shadow Brands. She also had some familiarity with the Blood Prince. The group was able to collect some information regarding the fate of the shadow brands, all evidence lead to the Khan’s son being involved with the disappearance of these individuals.

Also, a terrible storm was gathering in the desert, one that gave off emotions of fear and dread. The group decided to head out in that direction to attempt to discover what was the cause. While in route, the teleportation device that was given to the group from Crow began to come alive. Once activated, several people appeared, as well as a few corpses. One of the individuals cried out for assistance and revealed to the group that he was sent by Crow. The other members of the teleportation device turned out to be agents of the Blood Prince, and battle ensued. Unfortunately, during the fight their guide Toga was killed by the negative energy that the vampires were channeling. The group was able to preserve the corpse to be taken back to the Khan.

The group was victorious and earned a new member into their party, Elum the Shinobi. Armed with this new compatriot the group continued their journey towards the awful storm. The traveling was difficult and the members of the group found little rest on their way to the center of the storm, which turned out to be a pyramid of pure black stone. Once they arrived at the pyramid they encountered an on going battle between agents of the Blood Prince, and a group of cultists. The group joined into the battle, and helped dispatch the vampires, only to provoke another encounter against the cultists.

Once the cultists were dealt with, the group made their way into the pyramid and encountered several acolytes who were not hostile, and the found members of the Shadow Brands imprisoned in some type of dark crystals and their power was being drained to create some type of artifact. The group destroyed the artifact which blew the top off the pyramid and killed many of the cultists.

In the aftermath, the group was able to collect the still imprisoned members of the Shadow Brands, and located a journal outlining the details of an agreement with the Khan’s son and his plans to betray the Khan in order to take over his fathers throne.

XP for adventure = 8400

A Brave New World

The Red Cutlass Company continued its journey to Rahadoum aboard the “Devil’s Bargain” Unbeknownst to the crew they were harboring evil in the very bowels of their ship. Terna has betrayed them, and was secretly feeding several vampires on board the ship. Her method of feeding these scourges of the underworld was by having leech’s feed on her blood and then distributing their little swollen bodies to the fiends.

The group was able to uncover her betrayal and defeat the vampire she was protecting; however, the vampire was able to escape final death by cowardly turning to mist and evacuating the ship. We learned that there were at least 4 other vampires hidden on the boat, and that the pirate ship that we commandeered and sent back to Chelix also held vampires, Terna told us that the entire crew of that ship is dead. And as such, she quickly followed those lost souls to the underworld.

Our journey continued, where we came across the wreckage of a merchant vessel that one survivor was still afloat calling for aid. Gareth bravely jumped from the ship to save this poor soul only to find that he entered the water in the middle of a great white shark feeding frenzy. Five, 20-ft long great white sharks quickly finished the lone survivor and turned on Gareth as their next meal. The group was able to defeat the sharks only to summon a gigantic megalodon from the depths who nearly destroyed the boat and all aboard. Again we were able to defeat this monstrosity.

The boat was heavily damaged by the great dire shark, and the group had to pull together to repair the damage before we all sank into the depths. After the repairs were complete a group of were-sharks attacked attempting to damage the ship and kill us all for killing their great sea spirit animal. They failed.

Finally our company made it to port in Rahadoum, only to find out that the gift that we were meant to provide to the great Magnai Khan was no longer aboard the ship, and that Tiny our half-orc ambassador was the second choice to open these important trade negotiations between our two great nations. The group was able to put together a suitable gift composing of loot we had gathered from our adventures and the tooth from the megalodon that nearly killed us all.

We were summoned to appear before the Khan, and our negotiations were going very well until the Khan asked for another gift to solidify our trade routes, as such Tiny made the offer of the entire Red Cutlass Company to pledge loyalty to the Khan and assist him with his war efforts. Effectively Tiny sold us all into slavery. The Khan was very pleased and agreed to the terms.

We were then lead away from Tiny who left quickly to return home, we were stationed in the guards barracks and then summoned to be tested by Hundred Eyes, the Khan’s personal trainer. After our abilities were tested we were dispatched to deal with a local problem of missing villagers, no doubt another test of our “promised” loyalty"

We traveled by riding scorpions to a village where the inhabitants looked to have been all killed by a Death Worm. We were able to defeat the death worm, and then track a group of cyclops who had taken a large number of these villagers as prisoners. We then defeated these one-eyed horrors and saved the day.

XP for Gaming Session = 6,880

The Devil's Bargain

The new group has begun their first adventure to locate the missing Shadowbrands. These new pathfinders have been summoned together by Inquisitor’s Crow and Siphon and tasked with the important mission to locate and bring the members of the Shadowbrands back home safely.

These new individuals were linked together via a powerful ritual that fused the very souls of past pathfinders, granting new skills, powers, and memories to these fated individuals.

How will these powers affect you?
Are you even you anymore?

These question will continue to plague you as you embark together on this new question to the unknown southern continent of Rahadoum.

Piling on the ship “The Devil’s Bargain” these new pathfinders found themselves on the high-sea’s of the Inner Sea, where they were set upon by pirates, oceanic aberrations, and demon’s that nearly claimed their very lives!

Will these new pathfinders be up to the task? or will their names always be forgotten on the winds of the inner sea!


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