Post Apocalypse- Cheliax


Using the information gleamed from the cult, The group was able to help the Khan defeat his traitorous son and maintain control of the lands. As reward he granted freedom to the group and Mara.

Upon their return to Westcrown Crow informed them that they need to track down a man named Jasper to complete the mission and free the Shadowbrands. They traveled east to the Cliffs of Fury. There they encountered a band of brigands known as Squad #7 of the Whisper Blades. After a short battle and an interruption of undead into the encounter the two groups reached a peace. Korja, their half-orc leader, agreed to follow the group into a nearby portal to Abaddon to find Jasper.

In Abaddon they fought many daemons and wraiths, freeing several captives along the way until they rescued Jasper. Jasper had suffered much torture and was now missing his eyes and a finger. Using a rare gem he had discovered they were able to free Gryndul from stasis.


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