Post Apocalypse- Cheliax

Our greatest weakness

Upon waking, Gryndul looked into the status of his other friends at the Mage College. He soon discovered that his good friend Pherey and 2 other individuals were missing (A young female mage and a female inquisitor). Asking Crow for help, Jagger and Riptide went with Gryndul to investigate. Upon further looking a mysterious Hellknight gave a kidnapping note to Riptide telling them to meet on a boat in a nearby cove.

Using stealth and cunning this three met the kidnappers and decimated their forces. But sadly Pherey did not survive the encounter and was killed before they could save her. The kidnappers confessed to working for the Blood Prince. The future is unkown. What looming shadow falls upon these warriors and the ones they love. Can they protect everyone or are they doomed to failure?


jlwindholz jlwindholz

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