Post Apocalypse- Cheliax

The Devil's Bargain

The new group has begun their first adventure to locate the missing Shadowbrands. These new pathfinders have been summoned together by Inquisitor’s Crow and Siphon and tasked with the important mission to locate and bring the members of the Shadowbrands back home safely.

These new individuals were linked together via a powerful ritual that fused the very souls of past pathfinders, granting new skills, powers, and memories to these fated individuals.

How will these powers affect you?
Are you even you anymore?

These question will continue to plague you as you embark together on this new question to the unknown southern continent of Rahadoum.

Piling on the ship “The Devil’s Bargain” these new pathfinders found themselves on the high-sea’s of the Inner Sea, where they were set upon by pirates, oceanic aberrations, and demon’s that nearly claimed their very lives!

Will these new pathfinders be up to the task? or will their names always be forgotten on the winds of the inner sea!


jlwindholz sshackel

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