Tempest Vanwulf

Ex-Captain of the Dottori of Westcrown


Daughter: Halannah Vanwulf

Armored form with his Psychic Armory


Tempest Vanwulf
Alignment: NG
Age: 36 (but appears older due to alternate form)

An echo, he took the form of a dead soldier from the wastes as his new face creating a ring from his bone for his focus fetish.

He used his new identity to become a city guard cause he didnt know what else to do with his life and his psychic training.

Eventually he met a young elf woman named Sharlandriel. She was a captain of a merchant boat (The First Coin). Sharlandriel had a young half-elf daughter named Halannah (Lana for short, age 3 at the time) from a previous marriage with a Human noble that died due to disease.

Tempest and Sharlandriel eventually married and Tempest raised Lana as his own. 10 years later The First Coin was attacked by a group of pirates from the southern continent. Everyone was said to have been killed and the ship sank. Tempest went to the priests to find out the fate of his wife but all inquiries pointed to her being dead.

Tempest continued to raise Lana on his own. She is now 21. She has grown up to be a wizard illusionist and crafts magic items..She runs a “shop” out of their house.

Tempest Vanwulf

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