Group Funds - Red Cutlasses

Ant Haul x2,
Bull Strength x2,
Cure L Wounds x10
Cure S Wounds x0
Cure M Wounds x3,
Divine Favor x1
Spider climb x1

Cure L Wounds: x17, X15
Cure M Wounds x6
Bull Strength x8
False Life CL 3 x8
Magic Missiles Caster level 9, x40,
Shield of Faith X 25

Break Enchantment x1
Charm Monster x1,
Charm Person x1,
Clairaudience/clairvoyance x1,
Comp Languages x3,
Daze x1,
Detect Secret doors x1,
Erase x1,
Fly x2,
Invisibility x1,
Lighting Bolt x1,
Prayer x1
Shield x1
Spiritual Weapon x1
Teleport x1,

Wondrous Items
Amulet Natural Armor +1 x2, 2,000g
Circlet of Persuasion x1 4,500g
Cloak Resistance +1 x3 1,000g each
Crown of Blasting Major 23,760g
Elixir of Hiding x1,
Ever Burning Torch 110g
Feather Tokens: tree, whip,
Figurine of Wondrous Power Silver Raven x5 3,800g each
Handy haversack x1,
Necklace Hand of the Mage,
Ring of Counter Spell: displacement,
Ring Ferocious Action,
Ring of Protection +1 x2,
Rope Climbing,
Unguent of timelessness – 7 doses,

Magic Armor

+1 Padded Armor x5 1005g each
+1 Mirrored Breast Plate 4350g

Magic Weapons
+1 Shock Short Spears 8301g
+1 Keen Long Sword 8315g

Master Work Weapons
Heavy Mace 312g
Long Spear 305g

Non-Magical Weapons
Short Swords x5 10g each
Short Spear x5 1g each

Iron Holy symbol – law

500 gold 1500 gems 2000 gems 730 gems

Group Funds - Red Cutlasses

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